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As the premier anti-ageing, direct selling company, we set the standard.

Our difference is demonstrated through our products. As an anti-ageing leader, our innovative products offer exclusive benefits that can be demonstrated. Our brands offer a wide variety of opportunities that improve lives around the world.At Nu Skin®, our approach to anti-ageing is more than skin deep.

We understand that looking and feeling your best at every age is impacted by more than just great skin care products. It means wellness and health management – critical internal factors that impact not just the way you feel but the way you look as you age.From the inside out and from the outside in, Nu Skin®’s products offer vitality, beauty and longevity.

A commitment to innovation has guided Nu Skin® in the development of cutting edge products to position itself as a leader in anti-ageing. Today, we are taking another step forward and using the latest scientific innovations to better understand the basic roots of ageing.

In addition to treating the signs and symptoms, we now the understand ultimate causes or sources of ageing – our genes.