GlycoSlim® Vanilla


This appetizing meal replacement drink mix contains various nutrients, including non-GMO soy protein and low-glycaemic carbohydrates formulated to help you feel satisfied. In addition, it includes essential fatty acids (beneficial fats) you need for maintaining good health.

Unlike other meal replacement drinks, our drink mix is low-glycaemic with a glycaemic index of 36 in skim milk and 33 in water.* Plus, it contains no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives often found in many commercial products. Consumption of refined carbohydrates triggers the release of insulin and increases appetite. Low-glycaemic products will not stimulate the release of insulin, which can make you hungry.

Mannatech’s GlycoSlim meal replacement drink mix—a terrific, nutritionally balanced drink mix for people with busy lifestyles.

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What is the source of protein in GlycoSlim drink?

Mannatech’s GlycoSlim drink is made with non-genetically modified isolated soybean protein.

How is GlycoSlim drink different from other meal replacement shakes?

Unlike many other meal replacement shakes, GlycoSlim drink is low-glycemic and suitable for vegetarians.

What fruits can I add to French Vanilla GlycoSlim drink?

You can add any fresh or frozen low-glycemic fruit to your French Vanilla drink. Make a smoothie by adding your favorite fruit to the GlycoSlim drink in the blender. The only fruits that are not low-glycemic are watermelon (the only high-glycemic fruit currently indexed), bananas, apricots, mangos, papayas, paw paws, pineapples, cantaloupes, raisins and sultanas. These are all rated as moderately-glycemic and are acceptable in limited amounts when you are on a weight maintenance diet.

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